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The Dealer is an internal targeting engine, enabling product and marketing managers to improve engagement by personalizing the end-user’s journey.

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The problem


Wix constantly develops new products and features to improve engagement with users and  overall usability. With so many options to choose from users may lose their way in the clutter - as different features are designed for different use cases.


How then can the right features be targeted and offered to the right users?


The Dealer is an internal Wix platform used by the company’s product and marketing managers to create a personalized engagement funnel for each end-user. The platform offers its users advanced segmentation and tracking features, ensuring that Wix end-users are exposed to the features which answer best to their particular needs.


And this is how Wix end-users experience the Dealer’s “offerings” - targeted features to answer their needs


For example:

Wix Business Manager

A view on Wix’s signature back office interface

BM placements.png

Dealer based placements

Personalized content, segmented by the Dealer

Old Dealer back office

The old Dealer was created to answer an immediate need that changed overtime while expanding the platform’s userbase. The development process was rather “on-the-go” and didn’t take into account a full user experience that could appeal to a wider set of users and needs.

old dealer 2.png
old-dealer 1.png

To improve the platform’s overall functionality and usability, making it more accessible to users.

Our Challenge_edited_edited.png

Research Methodology

I decided to research the market in order to understand how others are trying to solve the problem I have identified. Among the products I reviewed were in-house festival apps and apps for large conventions, and even amusement parks that face similar challenges


Talked to over 20 direct users

Ops, PMs and PMMs

Talked to ~20 Wix users

researched which messages they see

Studied current communication

what placements we have, which offers, how they are targeted

Looked into competition & inspiration

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Dynamic Yield, Intercom...

User research


The Dealer has three primary user types:

Group 34.png


Product Managers

Product Marketing Managers

Although PMMs constitute the largest out of the Dealer’s userbases, and although the platform was initially created to meet their needs, they are hardly engaging with it. This rather defeats the purpose of the platform in the first place.

For these reasons, we decided to focus most of our research efforts on this particular group.

PMMs can be further divided into three subgroups, covering different areas of responsibilities

Audience Managers

Manage & prioritize all messages within a specific placement

Product Marketers

Promote new features and products

Placement Managers

Manage all messages that target a specific audience

Conclusions from the interviews

Basic information is inaccessible.

Lack of an integrated product overview - the “Big Picture” is missing

Users are too dependant on inputs from other professionals - analysts, operations, designers, etc.

Placement options, features and appropriate use-cases are not well understood.

The product is overall perceived by users as unapproachable - from an incoherent user flow to overly technical copy.

The solution

A new Dealer system that will allow the users to view and take actions from three different “perspectives” based on their need and intent.  Offerings are associated with each of one of these three attributes that define them.



prioritization across products and audiences


communication optimization across the user journey


products’ promotion and team goals

The product


UX Guidelines

Our conclusions from the user research served as the conceptual scaffold for the UX guidelines that directed the new design

Easy and clear navigation

Quick access to frequently used items: actions, filters, information, etc.

Guidance & alerts

User friendly language & clear copy

Consistency in: information, views, actions

Mapping of Main Components

Offerings can be created and accessed following three different “perspectives” - three conceptual entities that characterize the offering itself: Placements, Campaigns, and Audiences. These “perspectives” allow the user to view and manage the communication with Wix end-users from both a broader, more operational, viewpoint and from the practical viewpoint of managing an actual offering.


Navigation Alternatives

The first challenges we addressed were the system’s main navigation setup and the layout of important information.


Selected Layout

Dealer Views


Main view of all placements sorted by their location 


Hover on the information revels the placements' availability


Click on the placements' card takes the user to the placement page


Click on "View Guide" opens a side panel with all the information the users need in order to create an offering in this placement