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New Skin

A mobile app that will help users find their ultimate tattoo and artist.

our users will discover a vast range of tattoo designs,

and tattoo artists, organized in

a friendly, visually-rich, interface.

Selected Wireframes

To facilitate the process, it has been split to stages.

Tattoos: can be searched, or browsed according to style and theme.

Artists: can be searched, browsed,

or suggested automatically based on selected tattoos.

Favorites are then saved and curated in a personalized mood-board.

The tattooing community has its own “language” , which may be intimidating to new-comers.

The app can be though as

a guide, providing an easy access to this community more

Don't be scared.

Preferred visual inspirations are selected from a rich gallery into a personalized mood-board.

This mood-board later serves as the basis for the dialogue with the artist.

It can be easy.


let's get some INK!

Choose an artist,

contact him.

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