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Food ordering app done right.


This app puts the user in front, and not the engineering. 

With the understanding of the users' way of thinking while hungry at home, the app answers their desires in a friendly easy to use interface.

The interface is designed to be flexible and attentive. 

Flexible: as the user is free to back-track and change their minds at any stage. 

Attentive: since it queries the user for their wishes and needs, without forcing any assumptions or technical constraints. 

Selected Wireframes

Be in control

I do not assume the user wants

a delivery. 

Therefore, he can pick his food himself, or use the app for courier delivery (Gett, Uber, etc.)

He can even choose the delivery method only after choosing his food. 

Sort it your way

The interface does not use enigmatic "techy" sorting criteria. 

Just sort along recommendations, price, distance and arrival time. 

Get all the info needed

I do not burdon the user with every piece of information on the provider. 

A high-level view of the provider and the dish is all the user needs

to choose his meal. Details are available upon demand. 

Track the order

Where is order 377849973345?!?!

Just track your order along it's path, get ready for its arrival, and even contact the courier

along the way. 

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