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A white-label mobile app enabling a wholesome experience for music festival guests. Includes ticketing, billing, and live updates on services, attraction, queues, friends locations, etc. 


The Challenge

Music festival guests are often frustrated by endless queues, disorientation, and mis-information regarding available attractions and facilities.

The Goal

The Value

Enabling the guests to make the most of the festival will not only give them an unforgettable experience, but also increase revenues for organizers.

With the access to all information, the guests and the organizers will feel in control.

Interactive map

My first goal was to allow users to easily find what they need, when they need it. What is happening where? Where is the action? Where are the crowds? Where are their friends?  

Being a white-label application,

I defined building blocks that are common to most festivals.

Building blocks that are designed to be intuitive to the first-time user, while conveying the festival’s free and exciting spirit.

Suitable for any festival

The app is the ticket

The app is a one-stop shop for the festival: pay for attractions and services, peek preview for live performances, and build an itinerary.

Selected Wireframes

A manager’s dashboard

A real-time high-level view of the festival is provided to organizers using.

Data from the users’ apps is fed into a dashboard. Organizers’ decisions can thus be supported with real-time data and visual-analytics tools.

KaaBoo Del Mar UI by Maayan Pesach

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